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Meet the Family
Douglas Woolley and Marsha Lovick Woolley

Meet some of the family members up-close by clicking their name link to their own webpage.

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Addam's Family

Stanley R. Woolley
(Doug's Father)


Sigrid Bayer Woolley
(Doug's Mother)



William E. Lovick
(Marsha's Father)

Margaret Dew Lovick
(Marsha's Mother)

Craig Fredrick Woolley
(Doug's Brother)

Brad Charles Woolley
(Doug's Brother)

Douglas E. Woolley &
Ann Lovick Woolley

David Lovick
(Marsha's Brother)


 Hilde Bayer Kiel
(Doug's Aunt)

 Rick Bayer
(Doug's Cousin)

Charles Bayer
(Doug's Uncle)


(Marsha's son)

 Rich Woolley
(Doug's half-brother)

 Linda Woolley Butera
(Doug's half-sister)

Dorothy Woolley Garfinkel
(Doug's Aunt)

 Al Garfinkel
(Doug's Uncle)

Cliff Woolley
(Doug's Uncle)


 May Woolley
(Doug's grandmother)

Paula Bayer
(Doug's grandmother)

Donna Garfinkel Braccioforte
(Doug's cousin)

Fred Garfinkel
(Doug's cousin)

Steven Garfinkel
(Doug's Cousin)

Irma & Kurt Stammberger
(Doug's distant relatives)
(Kurt's mother is the sister of Doug's maternal grandmother's brother's wife)

(Isaac's Poodle)

(Dimitri's Poodle)


Picture of Family at Disney World - Splash Mountain (Oct. 2006)

Group Family Pictures at Christmas time

Aunt Hilde, cousin Rick, Craig & Brad,
and Sigrid, Christmas Eve of 1979

The Woolleys: Stanley, Doug, Sigrid, Craig, Brad
Christmas Eve of 1979

Christmas family pictures: click a smaller images to see a bigger image

Christmas 1998
Margaret, Marsha & Isaac

Christmas 2000
Marsha & Doug, Barbara & Craig, Sigrid, Margaret

Christmas Eve, 2001
Brad, Margaret, Marsha, Alex, Barbara, Kathy, Craig, Sigrid;
bottom row - Isaac, Ryan.

Christmas 2001

Disney World 2000
Top row: Sigrid, Barbara, Craig, Marsha, Doug; Bottom row: Ryan, Alex, and Isaac.

Christmas 2003: click a small image to see a larger image

Christmas 2004: click a small image to see a larger image


Doug's Birthday, Oct. 2005

Dimitri's "Welcome Home" shower party, July, 2006

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