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My Cute and Lovable Dog

All About Peanut

Peanut was brought into my life at the end of February of 2001.  Peanut is a small apricot-colored male poodle who is very lovable and obedient.  He weighed only 7 pounds when I first had him, but my mom has been feeding him real well--so he looks like he has gained some weight, like everyone else in our house.
This dog had the world's worst haircut when we first got him (according to my mother).  His whole behind was shaved (as shown on the right).  It was so bad the vet thought he had been neutered, but we said "no, he just had an owner who thought she was a hair dresser."  (I hope she is not reading this).  We promptly took him to the groomer at Pet Smart and now he's "styling and profiling", or at least as poodles go.

My Dog's Life

Peanut has a wonderful life, living in a family that loves him.  My mom, Doug, and grandmother all enjoy petting him.  Peanut is allowed to sleep with me in the bed at night (and he enjoys it!).  My mom primarily takes care of him by feeding him and used to take him out regularly to do his necessities (before we got a doggy-door to a fenced in area). He loves to bark at other dogs, especially those that weigh about 10 times what he does.  He is brave, but obviously not bright!

My Dog's Funniest Antics

Peanut likes to play with his toys, especially his bird-in-the-egg toy that makes a chirping sound when squeezed.  One day, a small frog jumped into our living room and Peanut followed him with his nose.  Soon, Peanut was licking the frog and eventually put it in his mouth and roamed around the house with it to play with it. Peanut jumped on the couch and plopped the frog next to my grandmother.  Boy did she jump!  Peanut thought that this real frog was simply another toy to play with and he struggled when we attempted to take the frog from him.

My Dog's Baths

Peanut does not particularly like to get a bath, but he does like all the rubbing that goes with getting cleaned and dried. At our new home, we have a really neat bath tub just for the dog!

Immediately prior to our belated Christmas gift exchange that took place on January 3, 2004 (due to multiple hospital visits during the Christmas holidays), Doug started the bath process for our dirty dog. Marsha completed the process and he became a favorite attraction for all the family members.


Doug started Peanut's bath water, but he eventually realized that it was too hot for Peanut!

Marsha came to the rescue and finished up the job.

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