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To hear a sermon that my late husband preached many years ago of our missionary life, click on the message
title, Testimony of Missions in Africa (35 minutes).

Note: This audio files is very big!

All about Margaret

My name is Margaret.  I was born in Virginia and grew up in Virginia Beach.  I attended Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, then married and spent 40 years as a missionary in Africa. My greatest joy in life is serving God.

My late husband, William Lovick:

  Dr. William Lovick
  M.A. Communications in AG college
  M.Divinity & Doctorate in AG college

To hear a short introduction of Dr. Bill Lovick by the former music minister at Clearwater First Assembly of God, click Most Sought after Missions Speaker

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Marsha, my daughter, was born in Tamale, Ghana while I served on the mission field.  My husband Bill and I were stationed in a village in Togo called Bassari, but we had to cross the border into Ghana to the nearest hospital.  Marsha grew up in Togo and in the Congo during the first half of her life. While in Florida, she was introduced to a marvelous young computer professional man who loves and serves the Lord with all his heart.  They have a wonderful wedding web page that should be visited.


My grandson, Isaac

Isaac was a miracle child.  He was born two months premature and has undergone over 40 surgeries, but thanks to God and because of much prayer, Isaac has grown up to be a happy and healthy boy, defying the doctor's original grim prognosis.


My Faith

Having spent many years in Africa as a missionary, I can truly testify to the faithfulness of my God.  God has delivered us from many diseases and dangers.  My trust is in Christ my Lord who died on the cross for my sins.

My Interests

I enjoy acquiring and looking at antiques.
I enjoy traveling everywhere.
I enjoy church services and activities and prayer meetings.

My New Home

With my son-in-law, we have built a beautiful home in the sub-division of Hawthorne Estates in the city  of Tampa, Florida. 

We all enjoy the spacious home and the refreshing pool.

My New Car


God provided me with a nice new Jaguar.  I asked God for a blue car, but I had no idea that I would eventually have a Jaguar.  God surprised me in directing me to this car and getting a very good deal for it....

So I thank Him for it!

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