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I was born in New York and had a wonderful childhood living in Croton-on-Hudson. After my father took early retirement when I was 10, my family moved to southern Florida where I excelled in sports and academics. In middle school, I was named as the "Most Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year." As a senior in high school, I was ranked number one in Florida in both mathematics and computer programming. It was during these teenage years that I entered into a personal relationship with Jesus and started to grow spiritually. Since then, I have grown exponentially in the Lord and in the Word of God (the Bible). I graduated from University of South Florida with an Engineering degree in Computer Science, and now work for Verizon as a Systems Engineer. In the new field of Cloud Computing, I recently achieved two associate level certifications in Amazon Web Services (AWS). I met my wife Marsha at the end of 1998, and we've been married since June 3, 2000.

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Personality: Some words that would describe my personality are happy, joyful, content, confident, god-fearing, devoted, generous, frugal, introvert, people-person, clean, thinker, logical, analytical, problem-solver, studious, precise, tough-minded, tolerant, goal-oriented, focused, organized, determined, competitive, energetic, dependable, reliable, consistent, responsible, and stable.

Almost always I have a smile on my face, reflecting the joy and happiness that is in my heart and my contentment with life. I rely upon God who directs and inspires my life, and thus I exude confidence. I am devoted to God and to those that He has entrusted to my care. Realizing that God has given so much to me, I am generous with my finances, talents, and time. Although I do enjoy nice things, I am also frugal at times to be able to afford nice things and to be generous. Although by nature I am more of an introvert, treasuring my alone time, I often get motivated to be with people to get to know them or care for them or teach them or to exchange life with them. As a “people-person,” I enjoy meeting new people and re-establishing contact with friends. Unless I am leading a group discussion (which I enjoy), I prefer one-on-one interaction more than participating within a group of people. My environment and my appearance are clean, and I dress appropriately and nicely for gatherings, yet I am not particular about my clothing—I don’t need a new outfit every month, just nice clean clothes that fit.

Having been “gifted” with a high IQ, I often think much about topics of interest to me. Having excelled in mathematics and computers in high school and college, I often think very logically and analytically in relation to daily life as well. I enjoy solving problems when they arise. I have been very studious throughout my school years, and I continue to be ever-learning and studious in my religious studies, work, and extra-curricula projects. I am very precise in my calculations, thoughts, and words and base my conclusions on solid facts, observations, and research of reliable sources. As a result, I often become tough-minded in my views, having become certain about them after much thought and research. Over the years I have learned to be more tolerant of those that have different opinions, yet I am always open to a friendly discussion or debate.

I am very goal-oriented and focused on accomplishing my goals on a daily basis. Coupled with good organizing and planning skills, I have determination to accomplish the tasks on my list and to reach my long-range goals, derived from my perceived purpose in life. I have been competitive in the past in both school and sports, and I still exhibit competitiveness but more in a fashion of doing the best that I can, while encouraging others who are in the “same race.” I exude energy to work toward my goals, and I take pleasure in every small task that gets accomplished. I am very dependable and reliable in my relationships and in the tasks with which I am entrusted. In fact, at my job I have been consistently on-time and available for work everyday (without needing a “sick day”) for years. (Perhaps I was late once by a few minutes for a good reason). Regardless of the events going on in my life, I am responsible to fulfill the obligations that are required of me, and thus I am very stable.

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