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 William Earl Lovick

Born: June 18, 1928
Birth Place: Greenville, NC
Nick Name: Bill
Siblings: Robert Lovick Jr.
Married: to Margaret Dew on August 25, 1951
Children: Marsha, David
Education: B.A. at Southeastern, M.A. Communications at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, M.Divinity & Doctorate at Southern Methodist.
Employment: Missionary to Africa, pastor
Died: May 16, 1996 of cancer


To hear a short introduction of Dr. Bill Lovick by the former music minister at Clearwater First Assembly of God, click Most Sought after Missions Speaker (38 seconds).

To hear a sermon preached many years ago of his missionary life, click on the message title, Testimony of Missions in Africa (35 minutes). Note: This audio files is very big!

5 CD's with Bill Lovick

  • Bill Lovick CD#1 : Sermons 1978-80   (52 files - 669mb)

  • Bill Lovick CD#2 : Sermons 1978-80   (46 files - 659mb)

  • Bill Lovick CD#3 : Sermons 1978-80   (49 files - 675mb)

  • Bill Lovick CD#4 : Sermons 1980-81   (38 files - 661mb)

  • Bill Lovick CD#5 : Sermons 1980-81   (33 files - 681mb)

Each CD contains MP3 files of sermons by Dr. Bill Lovick and can be played on a DVD player, a CD palyer that plays MP3 files, or on a computer. They will NOT PLAY on older CD players that cannot play MP3 files. Due to the compressed nature of these files, approximately 33 hours of sermons are on a CD. You may view the sermon titles and duration of each CD. To order a CD, contact us.

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