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Donna Braccioforte

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Meet the Family
Donna Braccioforte

 Al Garfinkel (Donna's father) with Donna
while visiting the Woolley family
February 1974

Steven Braccioforte (Donna's husband)
 playing Twister with 7-year old Doug Woolley
 who snaps a picture while Steven is in an awkward position to hold!
Grandma May Woolley watches the game.
February 1974

Dorothy Woolley Garfinkel with May Woolley
(Donna's mother and grandmother)
(Doug Woolley's Aunt and grandmother)
February 1974

The following pictures were taken on September 27, 2003
when Doug & Marsha Woolley visited his cousin Donna Braccioforte & family
for dinner in Parsippany, New Jersey.
Donna has a very impressive doll collection throughout the living room!

Mike, Steven, Donna, Vinny
& Teddi Bear (the dog)


Doug & Marsha Woolley, Steven,
Mike, Donna, Vinny

Steven, Mike, Vinny

Doug Woolley, Steven,
Mike, Donna, Vinny & Teddi Bear

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