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All About Chauncey

My previous dog Chauncey is a Rat Terrier who was born in 1999.  He weighs about 18 pounds.  He loves to lick my mom all over her face and me too.  He loves to chew up his toys.  He is a very handsome tri-color fellow, but at the moment he is undergoing psychological trauma.  He thinks he is a Mexican jumping bean.  He jumps straight up in the air and runs faster than lightning.
My Dog's Funniest Antics

My dog can clear a room faster than any human with his "odiferous emanations."  In other words, he's got gas.  It's a good thing that he has a good personality.  Fortunately, the people in our house have learned that they can blame Chauncey for any smells that they might produce!
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My Dog's Life

Chauncey's favorite hobby is chewing.  He likes to chew hard plastic toys and blankets and sometimes rugs (when he can get away with it!). Of course, his favorite snack is Pup-peronis, though he also likes to bite on used tissues from the trash baskets.  He will do almost anything for a Pup-peroni.  He will sit, shake hands with either paw if he sees the little treat bag.

Doug and Marsha took good care of him by taking him out, which Chauncey loves.  Marsha took him out to do his necessities while Doug took him running.

Chauncey and his pet humans!

Unfortunately, Chauncey was a TRAIN dog because he liked to chew-chew-chew. Since he liked to chew up the furniture and threatened to bite those that tried to get him to do something he did not want to do, my family had to return the dog after two months (at the end of February of 2001). However, we then got a much better dog.  We all love our new white male poodle by the name of Peanut.  He is very obedient and will sleep at times during the day (unlike Chauncey). 

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