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Honeymoon in Oahu

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Our Honeymoon on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu

Our Trip began with two days at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach. We were upgraded to a beautiful suite in the Rainbow towers.  Marsha did not realize that Hawaii could be this beautiful. The first day was spent walking along Waikiki Beach and enjoying its beautiful hotels.  We even dipped into the water.  We expected it to be warm, but we got quite a shock as we stepped into the cool ocean water.  We realized we weren't in Florida anymore.  

Marsha is pictured on the balcony of our suite overlooking the famous Diamond Head mountain that really is an extinct volcano. 

The famous Waikiki beach is beautiful and incomparable!  The surroundings are breath-taking and the sun shines brightly while the breeze masks the power of the tropical heat.



Two white spots on the brown sand of Waikiki beach.  After twenty minutes we became two red spots on the brown sand.  Ouch!

The Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki has almost everything you could imagine.  It has lush tropical gardens on a 22 acre resort.  It has three pools (with one humongous pool that could be seen from our suite in this picture), twenty restaurants and lounges, and ninety shops (including Marsha's favorite--Louis Vuitton).  For breakfast we had pancakes with delicious coconut syrup.

On Day 2 we experienced the Polynesian Cultural Center, the most popular attraction in all of Hawaii!


Even the bus trip from our hotel through the island of Oahu was exciting. With the right bus driver you get there safe, sound, and informed.


Here we are in front of China Man's Hat (an island that has appeared in motion pictures such as Karate Kid).


We purchased premier tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center online.  Because of early booking we had second-row seats in the middle at the extra-ordinary Luau show at the end of the day.  It is definitely the best Luau show in the World! and the pineapple delight desert during intermission ranks up there too!

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