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Honeymoon on Big Island of Hawaii 2

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Our Honeymoon on the Big Island of Hawaii (continued)

Some of our activities on the Big Island:
  •  Golf putting course by the ocean
  •  Manicure & Pedicure at the Kohala Spa
  •  Kona Luau with Island Breeze
  •  Helicopter ride with Blue Hawaiian

This was the most interesting putting course that we every played.  It consists of eighteen holes by the ocean with slim authentic golf greens. It is much quicker than a regular game of golf and we had a lot of fun playing, even in our wet swim suits.  Part of the course could be seen below our fourth-floor balcony.


Nothing soothes a woman's soul like a good manicure and pedicure at the Kohala Spa. They not only pampered Marsha, but they gave Doug the seat of honor in a massage chair as he read a book and waited for his bride.

King Kamehameha's Luau is one of the oldest Luaus on the Island.  This outstanding luau takes place at the Kona Beach Hotel in the city of Kona (where the famous coffee is grown).  For us, it was the most meaningful because of the Christian influence of the participants
(Island Breeze).

Some friends of ours who used to perform in this luau recommended it to us and we were not disappointed.  We attended one luau on each island.  This was our second luau and the only one where they chanted out to the one true God. It was not just professionally done, it was also very inspirational and uplifting!

One of the most exciting days of our vacation was taking the deluxe Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour of the Big Island, focusing on the active volcanoes on one side of the island and the lush greenery surrounding the waterfalls on the other side.  Doug was exhilarated and Marsha was nauseated as the helicopter circled at all angles to focus on the views of the red lava and smoke resulting from the lava entering the ocean. 

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