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Honeymoon in Maui

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Our Honeymoon on the Hawaiian Island of Maui

After 7 days on the Big Island, we flew to Maui.
Maui is (without a doubt) the most romantic of the islands.  For three days and two romantic nights we reveled in pure luxury at the Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort. Our honeymoon package was complete with chocolate covered strawberries, fresh flowers, happy coats, and a gorgeous room overlooking the ocean.  The package also included a rental car which we drove to other parts of the island, such as Lahaina. As beautiful as these pictures are, they do not even begin to capture the colors and the heavenly smells of this island paradise.

The gardens of the Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort were beautiful beyond description.  We saw multiple weddings performed on the grounds of this hotel and on its beach.  We had an awesome feeling as we enjoyed the waves and saw other islands in the distance across the water.






The private beach of our hotel provided an excellent place for Marsha to do what she loves most--veg and tan.  On the contrary, Doug wanted a little more activity and insisted on Marsha's creative input while building a high-tech sand castle, complete with moat. He was the envy of every kid (under 12) there.

We enjoyed sipping a banana- strawberry smoothie by the poolside.


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  For our last night in Hawaii, we attended the hotel luau.  The entertainment was good, but the food was absolutely outrageous: One culinary delight after another until your taste buds tap danced on your brain.  The setting was magnificent.

We were directly beside the ocean at sunset. It was amazing to see so many people get such excellent food and service.  The kalua pig was cooked in the traditional way (buried in the ground with hot rocks).  It was a meal to die for (at least the pig thought so!).  It is no wonder that we both gained about eight pounds on our honeymoon.

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