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My Last Game of the Season: Braves vs. Cardinals (May 2001)

I think we won (though the other team thinks that they won).

For the last game, the batting seemed more difficult, but with a little help, I hit a single each of the two times that I was at bat.  I came home each time, and that added a run to the score for our team.


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Playing second base was my most common fielding position.  My buddy Tim stood with me as I played.  If any line drives came whizzing at me, Tim was ready to give his life for mine!  Tim (and the other buddies) are volunteers from a nearby High School.  Tim was very friendly.



Mat is the coach's son and he is blind.  His father (John Weihmuller) pitches the ball to him underhand and counts for him--one, two, three, swing.  The coach then ducks behind the batting cage.  Boy did he need it during this game!

My Grandmas are a great support and form part of my fan club. Grandma Woolley, Grandma Lovick, and (adopted) Grandma Riccio are wonderful.

Celebration Time!  Pizza and Trophies!

The pizza party was great.  We played as a team and ate as a team.

My coach awarded me with a trophy and said that I had a great attitude (when playing baseball).

My family was proud of me.  This was my very first trophy!

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