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Hi! My name is Dimitri Joseph Woolley, but previously I was called Dema, as a nickname.  I was born in Kazakhstan in the year 2000. I lived in an orphanage for 2 years prior to my mama and papa adopting me in July of 2006. I am glad to be in a family and to have a brother, a grandmother, and a dog living with me. I have learned English quite well since being in the USA, though I grew up speaking Russian in Kazakhstan. I am enjoying America very much. I also like going to elementary school, and I also like going to Sunday school at Victorious Life Church. There are lots of friendly people at this church.

For my first year in the USA, you may view the following on my page:

My Travel Experiences

Although I had good times in the orphanage, I  looked forward to the day that papa Douglas would come to take me home with him.
We traveled from the town of Rudny to Kostanay and then flew to Almaty, all within Kazakhstan.

We then had a very long day flying from Almaty to Amsterdam to Memphis to Tampa, Florida!
After traveling 10,000 miles and half-way around the world, I was a little tired!

I am glad to be in America and to have a family that loves me.

My First Days in America

Family members greeted me upon arrival at Tampa International Airport! Both of my grandmothers were there and my new brother. Mama was happy to see me again.
They took me to my new home and showed me my new bedroom--equipped with a Mickey Mouse bed and furniture, TV, DVD player, and even some toys given by Marsha's friends!

For the first full day in Tampa, we visited Doug's brother's family and I went in a pool for the first time. Here are my first steps in the pool.
I learned to play soccer with my cousins. My brother Isaac is cheering me on!

After going to church and Sunday School, I was given a special "welcome home" party by the
Sunday School Singles group that Papa and Mama teach at Church.
On one day, I went to Chucky-Cheese with my cousin Alex, his parents, and my papa and played lots of games with tokens I got from the Singles party.
(click pictures to enlarge)
Another day, I went to Mosi with my parents and met a few kids also adopted from Kazakhstan.

My Dentist

A few of my teeth were rotten, so I've had to see the Dentist quite a few times since I've come to America, and I've have had several teeth removed and some cavities filled. My parents took me to a children-friendly Dentist. They let me watch cartoons on the ceiling as they work on my teeth! Since they don't take papa's dental insurance, it has cost them quite a bit to provide for me this care.

My Disney World Adventures

Contemporary Hotel - speed-boat ride (Sept. 2006):




Contemporary Hotel Chef Mickey's Restaurant (Sept. 2006):




Magic Kingdom (Oct. 2006):








I loved almost every ride! At the end of every ride I liked, I enthusiastically said to papa, "AGAIN!!!" Perhaps one day I will write a book entitled Dimitri's Guide to the Magic Kingdom, listing rides where I said "again!!!" I like Disney World in Florida so much!

Here is the entire family group that was at Disney World. We all went on Splash Mountain together!
Grandma Sigrid, Cousin Ryan, Aunt Barbara, Cousin Alex, Uncle Craig, mama, me, papa, Isaac

My Busch Gardens Adventures

Papa bought a Florida resident pass for me and a Silver Pass for him. With that, we have been able to visit Busch Gardens about 7 times during the past two months (Aug. - Oct., 2006) at no extra expense. Even parking has been free. We usually go right after school is over (when Papa is not working that night), and we stay for about 2 or 3 hours. There are rarely any lines on the popular rides when we go. Here some of our pictures from our trip:



My First Christmas

On Thanksgiving, my Grandmother (Sigrid Woolley) brought me a special December chocolate calendar that she used to give to my papa (and his brothers) when they were young. Each day in December, I opened a new door on the calendar and ate the chocolate behind the door. I was excited as the door numbers got closer and closer to the big 24.

On Christmas Eve, we went to my Uncle Craig's home in Tampa and we ate a nice dinner with all our family (cousins, uncles, aunts, brother, parents, grandmas, etc.). Afterwards, we went to the Christmas Eve Service at Victorious Life Church. Next, we went back to Uncle Craig's and we opened the many gifts, as my cousin Ryan distributed them one-by-one. I even got to meet Santa Clause briefly and told him that tomorrow was Jesus' birthday and proceeded to quote my memory verse for him of John 8:32 - "Jesus said, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness--John 8:32". He liked it. At first I thought that Santa was Uncle Brad, but I'm not sure, and when I asked to see his reindeer, he said that I was not tall enough to see them on the top of the roof. It was an exciting night with family members and lots of presents!


In the morning, on Christmas day, we opened more presents that were there from (and for) our immediate family household. Merry Christmas!

My 7th Birthday and my First in the U.S.

On February 23, 2007, I celebrated my 7th birthday and my first birthday in the U.S. It was awesome--a pirate theme party with a live pirate and a treasure hunt--shared with about 20 of my friends at my house.

My 7th birthday--what a wonderful cake.

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