VERIZON launched the Verizon Volunteers program (nicknamed V-squared) in January of 2001. This program includes a "matching gift incentive" that allows Verizon employees to "donate to any charity they choose and receive matching funds up to $2,500 [per year] from the Foundation, provided that charity is a qualified nonprofit agency in the United States with 501(c)3 status."

Victorious Life Church (VLC) in Wesley Chapel, Florida, is a qualified nonprofit agency under the name of Victorious Life Assembly of God. Verizon employees can contribute to VLC, register their gift with the Verizon Foundation, have their contribution verified by VLC with the Verizon Foundation, and then (at the end of the quarter) Verizon will match the cumulative funds with a check made out to Victorious Life Assembly of God and will send the check to the church. Awesome!

To start the process of registering your gift with the Verizon Foundation, you may call the toll-free phone number (866) 247-2687 or logon to the Internet address Registering via the Internet is the preferred way and further instructions follow:

  1. In an Internet browser, proceed to the Verizon Foundation site: The heading will say "Employee Giving Programs" followed by "Employee and Retiree Login".
  2. For the first time using this site, you will need to create a password by clicking the designated area. You will then be prompted for some information to identify yourself and to choose a password.
  3. With your social security number and your selected password, you may proceed to the Login area.
  4. Under the second paragraph section entitled "MIP - Matching Incentive Program", click the appropriate area to REGISTER a MIP.
  5. After reading the information (and upon agreement), click the "I ACCEPT" button.
  6. If you are registering a gift given to VLC for the first time, click the "SEARCH FOR ORGANIZATION" button, otherwise you may click any one of the VLC radio buttons and then click the button titled "Register Gift to Selected Organization."
  7. For a first time gift, after clicking the "SEARCH FOR ORGANIZATION" button, enter the Organization Tax ID of 59-2899628 for Victorious Life Assembly of God and click the button "Find This Organization." Click any one of the two identical radio buttons indicating Victorious Life Assembly of God.
  8. To register a gift, simply enter the date of your gift and the amount of your gift, then click the "Proceed to Gift Confirmation" button.
  9. If the information shown on the next screen is accurate, then click the "Save Gift" button.
  10. On the next screen, click the "Display Program Coupon" button. According to their instructions, "To complete your transaction, YOU MUST PRINT your Program Coupon. Also, YOU MUST SEND the Program Coupon to VICTORIOUS LIFE ASSEMBLY OF GOD, or the MIP - Matching Incentive Program Grant will NOT be PAID by the Verizon Foundation." From an insider's perspective, it appears that VLC only needs the contents of the coupon (containing instructions, the donor's name, the Donor Code, amount of gift, and date of gift) for the first gift from an individual. Each successive gift from the same individual will have the same Donor Code that is necessary for VLC to confirm a gift. While it is helpful to VLC to provide them with a printed copy of the Program Coupon, it is the contents of the items mentioned above that are crucial to having VLC confirm the gift online.
  11. You may send the Program Coupon (contents) to Dennis Bingham at VLC via FAX at (813) 973-2203 or via e-mail at or via regular mail.
  12. You may close the window by clicking the appropriate link in the top right area of the screen.
  13. Click the "Return to Program Screen" button.
  14. If you have other gifts to register, you may repeat steps 4 through 13.

All these instructions may be found on my web page at If you have further questions, you may contact me (Doug Woolley) at (813) 979-3123 (work) or (813) 971-9193 (home).

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Last updated on May 8, 2001