5 CD’s with Bill Lovick


Bill Lovick CD#1, Sermons from 8/9/78 – 1/14/79
(and bonus sermon from 4/15/75)

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    Bill_1975_04_15_sharing_god         Sharing What God Has Done – CCC in San Jose, CA            0:41:30

    Bill_1978_08_09_why_arent_prayers   Why Aren't Your Prayers Answered                           0:40:24

    Bill_1978_08_13_terrible_tongue     The Terrible Tongue                                        0:43:42

    Bill_1978_08_18_vacation_bs         Vacation Bible School                                      0:07:14

    Bill_1978_08_23_praise_worship      Praise and Worship (message)                               0:46:27

    Bill_1978_08_25_why_arent2          Why Aren't Your Prayers Answered (2)                       0:26:05

    Bill_1978_08_30_clean_life          A Clean Life                                               0:57:47

    Bill_1978_09_03_what_manner         What Manner of Men Ought Ye to Be?                         0:40:51

    Bill_1978_09_06_clean_life2         A Clean Life (part 2)                                      0:42:43

    Bill_1978_09_08_praise_God          Praise God in Everything                                   0:25:41

    Bill_1978_09_10_clean_thing         Who Can Bring an Clean Thing Out of an Unclean Thing       0:32:10

    Bill_1978_09_15_Marg_submission     Submit Yourselves to God, elders and others  (& Marg.)     0:24:15

    Bill_1978_09_17_faith_vision        Faith and Vision                                           0:34:26

    Bill_1978_09_20_clean_hands         Clean Hands                                                0:56:05

    Bill_1978_09_22_reach_world         Reach the Whole World                                      0:32:39

    Bill_1978_09_24_faith_vision2       How We Must Avoid a Faithless and a Visionless Spirit      0:52:25

    Bill_1978_09_27_experience_power    How to Experience the Power of God                         0:50:15

    Bill_1978_10_08_missions            Missions                                                   1:00:46

    Bill_1978_10_15_Marg_1year_ann      1st Year Anniversary at Clearwater Assembly of God (wi...  0:06:04

    Bill_1978_10_18_experience2         How to Experience the Power of God: Being a Total Chri...  0:55:03

    Bill_1978_10_20_the_28virtues       The 28 Virtues of a Christian Life                         0:40:25

    Bill_1978_10_22_conscience          Our Conscience                                             0:38:04

    Bill_1978_10_25_experience3         How to Experience the Power of God                         0:38:32

    Bill_1978_10_27_the_28virtues2      The 28 Virtues of a Christian Life (part 2)                0:23:35

    Bill_1978_10_29_god_proves          The Ways that God Proves His People                        0:46:43

    Bill_1978_11_01_evil_powers         4 Classes of Evil Power                                    0:38:27

    Bill_1978_11_05_God_proves2         The Ways that God Proves HIimself to Us                    0:57:21

    Bill_1978_11_05_standing_in_gap     Standing in the Gap - Ezekial 22:30                        0:54:50

    Bill_1978_11_10_born_adults         When God Borns His Children, He Borns them Adults          0:31:29

    Bill_1978_11_19_fathers_mothers     Roles of Fathers and Mothers in the Home                   0:54:41

    Bill_1978_12_01_ignorance           How Does God Tolerate our Ignorance?                       0:26:47

    Bill_1978_12_03_wine_skins2         The New Wine and the New Wine Skins (part 2)               0:45:56

    Bill_1978_12_08_fruit_bearing       God Calls Us to Fruit Bearing                              0:11:24

    Bill_1978_12_10_Gods_will           How to Know God's Will for Your Life                       0:57:58

    Bill_1978_12_10_sunday_school       Sunday School class preaching                              0:39:10

    Bill_1978_12_13_experience4         How To Experience the Power of God: He Keeps us (part 3)   0:40:55

    Bill_1978_12_15_humility_virtues    Virtues of a Christian: Have You Been Humble?              0:27:12

    Bill_1978_12_17_Gods_gift           Thanking God for His Unspeakable Gift                      0:24:17

    Bill_1978_12_17_tongues             Tongues - Gifts of the Spirit (S.S.)                       0:44:40

    Bill_1978_12_22_Gods_word           38 Virtues- Knowledgeable in God's Word, Sanctification,...0:26:52

    Bill_1978_12_24_christmas_story     Christmas Story                                            0:37:44

    Bill_1978_12_24_christmas_tv        Christmas Story (TV program)                               0:22:17

    Bill_1978_12_24_sunday_school       Sunday School preaching                                    0:38:22

    Bill_1978_12_28_peaceful            38 Virtues: Have you been Peaceful?                        0:28:04

    Bill_1978_12_31_sunday_school       Sunday School preaching                                    0:44:13

    Bill_1979_01_07_enlargement         Enlargement - Growing in Christ                            0:37:03

    Bill_1979_01_07_enlargement2        Enlarge My Coast                                           0:48:33

    Bill_1979_01_12_grace_faithfulness  Virtues of Grace and Faithfulness (& Margaret)             0:26:33

    Bill_1979_01_14_become_a_Christian  How to become a Christian                                  0:12:07

    Bill_1979_01_14_choosing_life       Be Obedient, or Choosing Life                              0:44:08

    Bill_1979_01_14_life                How to Receive Life                                        0:20:50

    Bill_1979_01_14_submission          Submission                                                 0:43:06


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cannot play MP3 files. Due to the compressed nature of these files, approximately 33 hours of sermons
are on a CD. Enjoy the Word of God through Dr. Bill Lovick!  (52 files - 669mb)

Bill Lovick CD#2, Sermons from 1/17/79 – 9/23/79

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    Bill_1979_01_17_power_of_God        How to Experience the Power of God - He helps us to fight  0:42:16

    Bill_1979_01_19_38virtues_last4     38 Virtues of Christian Living (last 4)                    0:40:01

    Bill_1979_01_21_hold_firmly         Hold Firmly to what God has given to us                    0:40:29

    Bill_1979_01_21_spirit_of_giving    Whole-heartedly Giving Ourselves to God                    0:48:41

    Bill_1979_01_28_a_stingy_spirit     A Stingy Spirit                                            0:45:36

    Bill_1979_02_04_faith_toward_God    Faith Toward God: Repent and Believe                       0:59:48

    Bill_1979_02_11_responding_correctly Responding Correctly to God and to His Word               0:46:35

    Bill_1979_02_18_jesus_christ        Jesus Christ is the Power of God                           0:45:33

    Bill_1979_02_18_knowledge_of_God    Importance of the Knowledge of God                         0:49:26

    Bill_1979_02_18_knowledge_of_God2   Knowledge of God cures all our Problems                    1:05:01

    Bill_1979_02_25_knowing_God         Steps to Knowing God (part 2)                              0:45:00

    Bill_1979_02_25_salvation           Salvation                                                  0:45:49

    Bill_1979_02_25_ways_God_reveals    Ways God Reveals Himself                                   0:51:20

    Bill_1979_03_04_knowing_God         Steps in Knowing God                                       0:48:37

    Bill_1979_03_04_ways_of_God         Learning the Ways of God                                   0:54:06

    Bill_1979_03_07_1corinthians_ch14   1 Corinthians chapter 14 - Spiritual Gifts                 0:46:50

    Bill_1979_03_09_raise_a_standard    God will raise up a Standard - Us                          0:23:44

    Bill_1979_03_11_how_to_know_God     How to Know God                                            0:53:52

    Bill_1979_03_11_knowing_God         Knowing God in Fellowship                                  0:50:35

    Bill_1979_03_11_warriors_for_Christ Warriors for Christ                                        0:39:06

    Bill_1979_03_18_God_speaks_always   God Speaks Continuously to His People                      0:55:59

    Bill_1979_03_18_God_speaks_always2  God Speaks Continually to His People  (2nd)                1:02:49

    Bill_1979_03_21_isaiah_59_18-19_sin Isaiah 59:18-19 Sin and Grace                              0:34:19

    Bill_1979_03_25_backsliding         Backsliding                                                0:35:05

    Bill_1979_03_25_charismatics        Why We believe the Charismatic Movement is of God          0:32:18

    Bill_1979_03_25_God_of_the_little   God of the Little Things                                   0:47:58

    Bill_1979_03_25_God_of_the_small    God of the Small Things                                    0:44:28

    Bill_1979_04_01_missions_testimony  Missions Testimony by Bill Lovick                          0:33:50

    Bill_1979_04_08_gifts_in_yourself   God's Gifts to You                                         0:38:34

    Bill_1979_04_08_gifts_in_yourself2  Gifts in Yourself (10:45 am)                               0:42:10

    Bill_1979_04_11_charismatic_movement Why I believe the Charismatic Movement comes from God     0:59:37

    Bill_1979_04_15_he_is_alive         He is Alive                                                0:42:29

    Bill_1979_04_22_christ_in_us        Christ in Us--The Righteousness of God                     0:23:54

    Bill_1979_04_22_gifts_of_God_in_us  The Gifts of God in Us -- Philemon verse 6                 0:44:50

    Bill_1979_04_27_going_to_movies     Serving God-- Do Christians go to movies?                  0:11:06

    Bill_1979_04_29_missions_speaker    Dr. William Lovick - most sought after missionary speaker  0:00:38

    Bill_1979_04_29_missions_speaker2   Dr. William Lovick - most sought after missions speaker    0:01:28

    Bill_1979_05_02_fruit_of_a_christian Fruit that a Christian is to Bare                         0:51:05

    Bill_1979_09_14_coming_of_the_lord  The Coming of the Lord - our relationship as a brother     0:36:23

    Bill_1979_09_16_Gods_covering       God's Covering for our lives - 8:00 am                     0:41:13

    Bill_1979_09_16_Gods_covering2      God's Covering for our lives - 10:45 am                    0:37:39

    Bill_1979_09_16_our_responsibility  Our Responsibility in the Last Days                        0:46:26

    Bill_1979_09_19_sufferer_with_christ Relationship as a Sufferer with Christ                    0:32:32

    Bill_1979_09_23_Gods_covering       God's Covering for Us (10:45 am)                           0:36:01

    Bill_1979_09_23_righteous_covered   The Righteous in the Scripture are Covered                 0:41:06

    Bill_1979_09_23_unpardonable_sin    What is the Unpardonable Sin?                              0:45:04



Note: These MP3 files of sermons by Dr. Bill Lovick (Marsha’s dad) can be played on a DVD player,

a CD player that plays MP3 files, or on a computer. They will NOT PLAY on older CD players that

cannot play MP3 files. Due to the compressed nature of these files, approximately 33 hours of sermons
are on a CD. Enjoy the Word of God through Dr. Bill Lovick!  (46 files - 659mb)

Bill Lovick CD#3, Sermons from 9/28/79 – 5/4/80

    Name of MP3 file                Album Title                                        Duration


    Bill_1979_09_28_missions_yugoslavia Missions testimonies, Yugoslavia                           0:21:19

    Bill_1979_09_30_a_time_to_love      A Time to Love - The Head of the Church (8am)              0:35:30

    Bill_1979_09_30_a_time_to_love2     A Time to Love - The Head of the Church (10:45a)           0:47:03

    Bill_1979_10_03_1st_thessalonians   First Thessalonians                                        0:46:32

    Bill_1979_10_05_hebrews_jesus       Book of Hebrews and Jesus                                  0:22:19

    Bill_1979_10_07_a_time_to_love2     A Time to Love - Song of Solomon                           0:23:07

    Bill_1979_10_07_a_time_to_love_pt2  A Time to Love - Songs of Solomon                          0:32:58

    Bill_1979_10_10_book_of_prayer      Book of Prayer in Book of Acts                             0:47:47

    Bill_1979_10_12_better_things       Better Things - Hebrews 6:9                                0:21:21

    Bill_1979_10_14_5_steps_to_love     5 Steps to a Love Relationship with God                    0:44:37

    Bill_1979_10_14_poetic_books        5 Poetical Books - Deal with Heart of Man                  0:50:09

    Bill_1979_10_24_prayer              Prayer                                                     0:35:31

    Bill_1979_10_28_lord_jesus_christ   Lord Jesus Christ                                          0:48:52

    Bill_1979_10_28_love                Book of Love - Song of Solomon                             0:38:11

    Bill_1979_10_31_prayer              Prayer                                                     0:30:33

    Bill_1980_01_02_quickening_of_god   The Quickening of God in our Lives - the Spirit            0:09:20

    Bill_1980_01_06_proving_identity    Proving our Identity with God                              0:40:03

    Bill_1980_01_06_proving_identity2   Proving our Identity with Christ                           0:43:17

    Bill_1980_01_06_relying_upon_him    Relying upon Him                                           0:55:36

    Bill_1980_01_09_god_helps           God is Here to Help - Hebrews 4                            0:45:39

    Bill_1980_01_13_strong_men_fall     Why do Strong Men Fall?                                    0:43:40

    Bill_1980_01_13_why_do_strong_fall  Why do the Strong Fall?                                    0:45:40

    Bill_1980_01_20_garment_of_praise   Put on the Garment of Praise                               0:53:33

    Bill_1980_01_20_praising_god        Praising and Worshipping God                               0:44:17

    Bill_1980_01_21_how_strong_fall     How are the Strong Fallen?                                 1:06:14

    Bill_1980_01_27_faith_attitudes     Faith Attitudes within Us                                  0:49:28

    Bill_1980_02_03_faith_attitudes2    Faith Attitudes                                            0:33:46

    Bill_1980_02_03_faith_attitudes2_com Faith Attitudes and Communion Service                     0:43:25

    Bill_1980_02_10_faith_attitudes3    Faith Attitudes3                                           0:37:56

    Bill_1980_02_17_ways_of_blessings   The Ways of Blessing within the House of God               0:47:23

    Bill_1980_02_17_ways_of_blessings2  The Ways of Blessing in the House of God                   0:48:19

    Bill_1980_02_17_with_christ_ossomano What are you going to do with Christ? (Also Ossomano)     0:53:49

    Bill_1980_02_20_who_are_meek        Who are the Meek that will inherit the Earth?              1:04:05

    Bill_1980_02_24_communion_christ    The Importance of Communion with the Lord Jesus Christ     0:33:23

    Bill_1980_02_24_table_of_the_lord   The Table of the Lord                                      0:39:47

    Bill_1980_02_27_security_in_faith   Security in Our Faith                                      0:49:47

    Bill_1980_03_02_samson_awaken       And he Awaken out of his Sleep                             0:32:13

    Bill_1980_03_09_christ_holiness     Chirst our Sanctification, Christ our Holiness             0:39:46

    Bill_1980_03_09_christ_sanctification Christ our Sanctification, Christ our Holiness           0:46:19

    Bill_1980_03_16_financial_responsib Financial Responsibility in the House of God               0:59:35

    Bill_1980_03_19_gods_mountain       How to Live on God's Mountain                              0:47:04

    Bill_1980_03_23_restitution_in_church Restitution within the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ   0:40:53

    Bill_1980_03_23_restoration_church  Restoration of the Church                                  0:49:53

    Bill_1980_03_26_being_real_christian How to be a True Real Genuine Christian                   0:32:24

    Bill_1980_03_30_robert_creo_intro   Robert Creo Intro                                          0:10:43

    Bill_1980_04_06_easter_message      Easter message                                             0:31:38

    Bill_1980_04_06_letter_resignation  Letter of Resignation from Clearwater 1st Assembly of God  0:13:00

    Bill_1980_05_04_our_inheritance     Possessing the fullness of our Inheritance                 0:27:12

    Bill_1980_05_04_speaking_from_heart Speaking from Heart - last msg at Clearwater 1st Assembly  0:42:57



Note: These MP3 files of sermons by Dr. Bill Lovick (Marsha’s dad) can be played on a DVD player,

a CD player that plays MP3 files, or on a computer. They will NOT PLAY on older CD players that

cannot play MP3 files. Due to the compressed nature of these files, approximately 33 hours of sermons
are on a CD. Enjoy the Word of God through Dr. Bill Lovick!  (49 files - 675mb)

Bill Lovick CD#4, Sermons from 6/15/80 – 9/80

    Name of MP3 file                Album Title                                        Duration


    Bill_1980_06_24_greatness_of_god    The Greatness of God as Seen in Christ - Winchester, VA    1:06:40

    Bill_1980_06_25_jesus               Jesus - 1st Assembly in Winchester, VA                     1:05:41

    Bill_1980_06_26_knowing_gods_ways   Knowing the Ways of God - 1st Assembly in VA               1:00:52

    Bill_1980_06_28_choose_life         Choose Life - 1st Assembly in VA                           1:00:38

    Bill_1980_06_29_cure_4_all_things   The Cure for all Things - 1st Assembly in VA               1:03:23

    Bill_1980_06_29_knowing_gods_will   Knowing God's Will - 1st Assembly in VA                    0:54:09

    Bill_1980_07_01_worship_n_praise    The Preparation of the Priest for Worship & Praise         0:57:25

    Bill_1980_07_02_pm_jeep_story       Jeep Story (first part)                                    0:40:32

    Bill_1980_07_02_praise_worship2     Praise and Worship (part 2)                                0:39:56

    Bill_1980_07_03_praise_worship3     Praise and Worship (part 3)                                0:43:51

    Bill_1980_07_04_pm_church           Victorious Church                                          0:43:15

    Bill_1980_07_04_praise_n_worship4   Praise and Worship (part 4)                                0:41:15

    Bill_1980_07_06_being_motivated     Being Motivated for God                                    1:16:39

    Bill_1980_07_10_knowing_god         Knowing God                                                1:05:39

    Bill_1980_07_13_faithless_spirit    Avoiding Having a Faithless & Visionless spirit – Toronto  0:36:56

    Bill_1980_07_23_toronto_ontario     Sermon in Tornoto, Ontario, Canada                         0:59:15

    Bill_1980_07_24_toronto_ontario     Sermon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada                         0:57:39

    Bill_1980_07_27_mighty_fallen       How the Mighty are Fallen                                  0:56:22

    Bill_1980_07_being_led_by_god       The working of obedience within us(Brother Moore's church) 0:53:15

    Bill_1980_07_enlarging_for_christ   Enlarging for Christ (with Marsha)                         1:01:44

    Bill_1980_07_life                   Life (preached in Arkansas)                                0:52:58

    Bill_1980_07_possessing_the_land    Possessing the Land for Christ - Malvern, Arkansas         0:52:30

    Bill_1980_07_praise_and_worship     Restoration of Praise and Worship (with Marsha)            1:01:01

    Bill_1980_07_seek_life_w_marsha     Seek Life; Marsha leads choruses                           0:52:25

    Bill_1980_07_submit_with_marsha     Submit - (Youth night with Marsha Lovick)                  1:02:16

    Bill_1980_07_way_to_life            God Points the way to Life (with Marsha)                   1:01:57

    Bill_1980_08_03_restoration_praise  Restoration of Praise                                      0:41:33

    Bill_1980_08_being_motivated        Being Motivated with choruses-Calvary in VA, Shuttlesworth 0:40:14

    Bill_1980_08_greatness_of_god       The Greatness of God as Seen in Christ (Marsha sings, Tue) 0:31:19

    Bill_1980_08_priesthood_of_god      The Priesthood of God                                      0:54:53

    Bill_1980_08_res_intro_of_team      Intro to team at Calvary in VA, Pastor Shuttlesworth       0:03:08

    Bill_1980_08_restoration_of_praise  Restoration of Praise - Calvary in VA, Shuttlesworth       0:38:44

    Bill_1980_08_restoration_worship    Restoration of Worship - Calvary in VA, Shuttlesworth      0:30:48

    Bill_1980_08_seek_ye_first          Seek ye First- (Marsha sings) Calvary in VA, Shuttlesworth 0:38:14

    Bill_1980_08_some_trust_in chariots Some Trust in Chariots, and some trust in horses           0:57:58

    Bill_1980_09_choose_life            God Shows us the way, Obey, Choose Life                    0:45:15

    Bill_1980_09_crusade_choruses       Lovick Crusade Choruses                                    0:30:25

    Bill_b_1980_06_15_gods_glory        God's Glory Revealed in Us - (much background noice)       1:05:06



Note: These MP3 files of sermons by Dr. Bill Lovick (Marsha’s dad) can be played on a DVD player,

a CD player that plays MP3 files, or on a computer. They will NOT PLAY on older CD players that

cannot play MP3 files. Due to the compressed nature of these files, approximately 33 hours of sermons
are on a CD. Enjoy the Word of God through Dr. Bill Lovick!  (38 files - 661mb)


Bill Lovick CD#5, Sermons from 9/80 – 1/7/81
(and bonus sermons from 2/2/84 and 5/28/84 and 7/16/95)

    Name of MP3 file                Album Title                                        Duration


    Bill_1980_09_garment_of_praise      Putting on the Garment of Praise                           0:52:33

    Bill_1980_09_how_mighty_fallen      How do the Mighty Fall?                                    0:57:10

    Bill_1980_09_i_love_you             God says to us "I Love You"                                1:01:58

    Bill_1980_09_kings_and_priest       Kings and Priest unto God                                  0:49:53

    Bill_1980_09_motivation             Motivation                                                 0:43:14

    Bill_1980_09_possessing_the_land    Possessing the Land for God                                0:52:25

    Bill_1980_09_some_trust_chariots    Some Trust in Chariots, and some trust in horses, but I    0:40:38

    Bill_1980_09_the_choice_is_yours    The Choice is Yours                                        0:53:37

    Bill_1980_09_when_bottom_drops_out  What will we do when the Bottom Drops Out?                 0:53:08

    Bill_1980_10_19_knowing_god         Knowing God (am)                                           0:53:02

    Bill_1980_10_19_preparation_priest  The Preparation of the Priest for Worship and for Praise   1:01:11

    Bill_1980_10_26_being_motivated     Being Motivated                                            0:52:17

    Bill_1980_10_26_some_trust_chariots Some Trust in Chariots                                     0:47:22

    Bill_1980_10_when_bottom_drops_out  When the Bottom Drops Out (word LOVE story)                0:47:10

    Bill_1980_11_05_how_mighty_fallen   How are the Mighty Fallen? How do mighty men of God fall?  0:48:07

    Bill_1980_11_07_choose_life         Choose Life                                                0:51:24

    Bill_1980_11_08_seek_ye_first       Seek ye first the Kingdom of God                           0:58:18

    Bill_1980_11_09_being_motivated     Being Motivated for God (am) - Woxahache, TX               0:57:55

    Bill_1980_11_09_possessing_land     Possessing the Land (pm)                                   1:01:55

    Bill_1980_12_28_will_of_god         The Will of God - New Iberia, LA                           1:30:51

    Bill_1980_12_29_how_mighty_fallen   How are the Mighty Fallen? - New Iberia, LA                0:58:44

    Bill_1980_12_30_knowing_god         Knowing God - New Iberia, LA                               1:27:00

    Bill_1980_12_31_spirit_of_fear      God has not given us a spirit of Fear - New Iberia, LA     1:13:04

    Bill_1981_01_01_visionless_spirit   A Visionless & Faithless Spirit; & Jeep Story - New Iberia 1:31:35

    Bill_1981_01_02_possess_the_land    Possess the Land; Started Church in Congo - New Iberia, LA 1:18:12

    Bill_1981_01_04_motivated_for_god   Being Motivated For God - 1st Assembly in Annandale        0:56:55

    Bill_1981_01_04_visionless_spirit   Avoiding a Faithless & Visionless Spirit - 1st Assembly    1:03:13

    Bill_1981_01_05_how_mighty_fallen   How Are the Mighty Fallen? - 1st Assembly Annandale        1:21:04

    Bill_1981_01_06_worship_praise      Restoration of Worship & Praise - 1st Assembly Annandale   1:07:09

    Bill_1981_01_07_trust_in_chariots   Some trust in Chariots, and some in horses - 1st Assembly  1:05:18

    Bill_1984_02_02_heartbeat_of_god    Heartbeat of God - Missions Sunday - Parkway Christian Fel 0:30:08

    Bill_1984_05_28_mighty_fallen       How Are the Mighty Fallen? (Woodston Camp 1984)            0:59:49

    Bill_1995_07_16_life_last_sermon    Life-LAST SERMON, prophetic song by Marsha- Trussville, AL 1:19:40 


Note: These MP3 files of sermons by Dr. Bill Lovick (Marsha’s dad) can be played on a DVD player,

a CD player that plays MP3 files, or on a computer. They will NOT PLAY on older CD players that

cannot play MP3 files. Due to the compressed nature of these files, approximately 33 hours of sermons
are on a CD. Enjoy the Word of God through Dr. Bill Lovick!  (33 files - 681mb)


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