Music Appreciation grade 89.3
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E-mail requesting grade to be an "A"

From: Doug Woolley
Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 8:38 AM
To: Scott Alexander
Subject: Music Appreciation class grade

J. Scott Alexander, Student Services Coordinator,
I really enjoyed learning Music theory and Music history as I studied
from multiple books and listened to numerous compositions.
It's been about two weeks since I received my final grade in the class,
and I was not going to mention anything, but a co-worker encouraged me
yesterday to ask if there is anyway that the final grade of "B" could be
reconsidered in light of all that I have learned in the class
(starting from ground-zero) and winding up with an 89.3 average?
- Since I had no music background when I started this class, I spent
extra time reading and rereading the text book and several other books
(outside of the class) on the subject in addition to repeatedly listening
to and "appreciating" all the music compositions on the 4 CDs (and other
classical CDs that I purchased during this time). My wife had taken a
Music Appreciation course on a campus many years ago and got an "A",
and yet she said that I studied and learned much more than she did.
- On the essay, I felt that I got a lower grade (89) than what should have
been given (especially for a Freshman level class).  I have never received
anything lower than an "A" on any essay that I have done. I quoted from
many sources and spent many hours absorbing the material and
growing from it for this research paper. It is true that I sometimes quoted
too much, but my opinion was reflected by the particular references that
I quoted along with original statements. For a research paper, I thought
that the quotes were appropriate, though I have learned from this
experience--the professor commented that I should have expressed more of
my opinions and relied less on the sources. It's good advice, yet I don't think
the excessive quotes on the research paper should have dropped the score to an 89.
(All I needed was a 92 on the essay to have a solid 90 average in the class)
- On the first exam, there were 2 questions that I had answered incorrectly
because I studied these particular questions/answers from the study-guide
(which I evidently interpreted differently). I can explain the situation more if
necessary. However, since these 2 questions were ordered differently than the
way I had understood them, I missed 4 points (It was all or nothing, 4 or 0 points).
Those 4 points would have given me a final average of 90+ in the class.
Again, I don't know if the grade could be reconsidered by the professor,
but I thought that I would at least propose such a thought. If I can do something,
or explain something further, please let me know.  I have learned just as much
regardless of the grade, though I know I would look back and feel much
better about music (and appreciate it even more) if the grade would be changed
to an "A."
Thanks for your consideration,
Doug Woolley, #8201

J. Scott Alexander, Student Services Coordinator, responded saying,
I will forward your e-mail to Dr. Johnson.  I'm glad you enjoyed and learned so much from this course.

A couple weeks later, he wrote the following:
Dr. Johnson did not feel he could change your final grade for FNAR 112. 

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