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Joseph Russo's Biography used by FGBMFI

Joseph Russo Jr.
Joseph Russo Jr.

A native of Philadelphia, PA, Joseph was first introduced to the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International (FGBMFI) at the age of 15.  His father, Joseph Russo Sr. was the treasurer of the Philadelphia chapter in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

Joe has been in the transportation industry for the past thirty-two years.  In 1996 he founded his own trucking company called Pinnacle Transport.  They deliver floor covering to Home Depot throughout Florida.

Joe was diagnosed with Lymphoma in December of 2001.  The tumor found in Joe's body was inoperable.  Despite the doctor's prognosis of extensive chemotherapy and months of illness, Joe trusted the Lord.  In early February, Joe requested a CAT scan to measure the progress.  The doctors were reluctant to perform the test until Joe announced God's healing on his body.  He went as far as to tell the doctors when it took place.  The doctors finally agreed to the CAT scan on February 8th.  The test revealed God's healing powers in the form of a cancer-free report.  Since being healed of cancer, Joe has worked as an ambassador of goodwill in the cancer wing of Mease Countryside by giving his testimony of God's healing and encouraging hope.

You may listen to Joe Russo's Healing Testimony given at VLC by
returning to Doug's Audio Sermons Library page.

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